10 Android Video Editing Apps [No Watermark]

These top video editing applications for Android are known to produce high-quality videos after editing. These apps feature powerful tools that allow you to cut, trim, join, and merge videos.

They also allow you to share your edited videos directly to your social media profiles without saving them. Some of these apps also have other features like photo slide show maker and video slicer. To use these applications, your Android phone should have at least 1GB of RAM and 4GB of free memory space.

PixArt Video

Despite being based in China, PixArt Video is a free video editor that offers watermark-free videos. This app is simple to use but offers many professional features. It offers access to a decent music library and allows you to change the background and overall volume of the video.

It also allows you to export your video without a watermark. If you need a free video editing app for Android, PixArt Video is the way to go.

There are two versions of PixArt: the free version and the paid version. The free version only supports 3 videos and two gigabytes of cloud storage. It doesn’t have all the features of the paid version, but it’s still a great free video editing app. PixArt offers basic video editing features like filters and mosaics and exports videos in 720p quality.

The free version of PixArt Video has the largest collection of high-quality templates for video and photo editing. It is designed for smartphones and offers a simple interface. It is one of the best video editing apps for android without a watermark.

Its features make it a great choice for beginners, as it allows you to easily create a great-looking video. Unlike other free video editing apps, PixArt Video doesn’t place watermarks on videos.

Among the best free video editing apps for Android, PixArt Video is a popular choice among up-and-coming influencers and users. While the free version of PixArt Video doesn’t have watermarks, the premium version offers more features. It offers effects customization and audio editing and can make blurred videos sharper. It also supports multiple tracks and exports videos without a watermark.


The free CapCut video editing application for Android can be used to edit videos without a watermark. However, you will need to allow the app to add ads and in-app purchases to enjoy all of its features.

If you’re looking for a high-quality video editing application, you’ll find many options here. These include filters, overlays, and transitions. You can even animate scenes and adjust their “movements.”

The cap cut app is very user-friendly, and it will never leave you in the dark. Its simple interface and intuitive editing features will allow you to make brilliant videos.

You can choose from multiple video templates, and you can select any of the different settings and effects for your videos. You can also make a slight change here and there, depending on how much time you’d like to spend editing your video.

The cap cut app can also help you edit text. It supports more than 1,000 animated emojis and stickers, and you can customize the text as you wish. Cap cut also supports adding custom images and memes, as well as a gradient color feature.

Unlike some other video editing apps, CapCut allows you to add captions, subtitles, and more. It even lets you add an emoji or meme!

Another great feature of the CapCut app is its ability to edit multiple videos at once. With its many features, it is a must-have for any video editing enthusiast. With its easy-to-use interface, you can easily add music and videos to make stunning videos.

Moreover, it has various music themes and music folders to download and embed audio clips. With the CapCut video editing app for android without a watermark, you can create countless unique videos and edit them in any way you want. You can also use it to add fun stickers and text to your videos.


YouCut has a very basic interface. You can only include one video layer. In addition, YouCut allows you to add multiple texts, emojis, and music layers. The free version has a limit of 20 images per video clip. But in the paid version, up to ten video clips can be edited at once.

This app also lets you adjust video brightness and contrast, as well as white balance. Although YouCut has no pre-designed styles, it does come with many advanced options. You can add and edit titles and other text elements.

Adding titles and transitions is relatively simple. Just tap the text icon in the toolbar and then adjust its size, position, and style. You can also copy, rotate, crop, and add captions.

YouCut is an easy-to-use app for single-layer videos. The free version doesn’t contain ads. It also has a watermark, but you can remove it by buying a premium version.

You can also earn points by completing video challenges. YouCut is one of the best video editing apps for Android without a watermark. You can also use it to edit photos and videos.

YouCut’s video editing features are incredibly powerful. You can edit videos in HD resolution, add effects and stickers, change background colors, and even add text to them.

You can even add a custom photo cover to your videos. YouCut also has a very large library of royalty-free music. You can use it to add background music to your videos and share them on social media.


ActionDirector is a popular video editing app that was given the Editor’s Choice award on the Play Store. This free app comes with various features, including video resizing, background, fade-in, audio-detach, speed, reverse, and audio effects.

You can publish your videos without any watermark by using the free version of ActionDirector. If you don’t want to use a free version of the app, then you can go for a premium plan.

While you can try out free video editors, the premium versions often come with watermarks. However, you can remove the watermark in the paid version and export unlimited videos without the watermark.

Although there are free apps out there, many users prefer to use premium apps. ActionDirector is a great option for those who want to create high-quality videos and post them on YouTube and Instagram.

Despite its price tag, this app is still among the best alternatives to other paid apps. It is packed with features that allow you to create quality videos without watermarks. This app even allows you to add text and adjust color.

You can also merge or trim clips. ActionDirector is very easy to use, and it’s free, which is a big bonus! Just be prepared to watch an ad, which is short but sweet.

Another free option is YouCut. Similar to InShot, this Android app adds no watermark to the videos you export. The downsides to this app are that it doesn’t have a collage editor or the option to freeze video.

However, it has other features, such as reversing the video and audio mixing. There are some limitations, but overall, it’s a great video editing app for Android without a watermark.

GoPro Quik

The GoPro Quik video editing app offers an intuitive interface and powerful tools to enhance your videos. It syncs clips and effects to your favorite music, allows you to customize the frame of each shot, and offers easy-to-use features like frame capturing and cropping.

It also offers exclusive filters optimized for specific environments. And because it’s a subscription service, you get unlimited backups of “original quality” photos.

In addition to editing your videos in a drag-and-drop fashion, the GoPro Quik app allows you to create music montages and add titles. It’s also capable of creating photo slideshows. Unfortunately, the app is only available on Windows PCs.

GoPro Quik isn’t the best video editing app, but it does offer many benefits. It can help you capture more videos and turn them into music-laden montages.

Another feature of the GoPro Quik app is its ability to edit other smartphone videos. It syncs music with videos, and it offers the same editing tools as the original Quik. It can also combine photos and videos with GoPro footage.

The app also adds background music and filters. It can also speed up the frame rate of a single video. And unlike some of the other apps, the GoPro Quik video editing app has a private Mural feed for sharing your videos with others.

Besides a music library, the GoPro Quik video editing app has several other features that are indispensable for making videos. It offers a timeline for editing videos, cool video effects, slo-mo, and a photo-video editor.

You can also split and rotate videos using this app. You can also add text to your videos. The app also allows you to share them with your friends and family.

Osmo Super Studio – A Tribute to the Italian Architects

The architectural firm Superstudio was founded in 1966 in Florence, Italy. The original members were Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia. In the years that followed, Gian Piero Frassinelli, Alessandro Magris, and Roberto Poli joined the firm.

Today, Superstudio is a renowned firm that has produced some of the most innovative architecture in the world. The firm’s work is celebrated around the world and is an inspiration for many modern designers.

The Osmo Super Studio is available for both iPad and iPhone. The iPad version is priced at $29, while the iPhone version costs $19. The Osmo Super Studio can be purchased online or at a physical retail outlet, and it is available now.

The Incredibles 2 and Disney Princess books will be available later. The app will support multiple logins so you can create a separate account for each child. While the Super Studio is designed for younger children, older children will enjoy the many creative activities available.

While the Superstudio exhibition is a great tribute to the late architects, some questions arise from this retrospective. For one, the work of Superstudio was highly conceptual. Rather than constructing actual buildings, the group conceptualized anti-buildings.

This was done by creating collages of abstract ideas, photomontages, and gridded visuals. These abstract ideas helped to shape modern architecture. The Superstudio members reinterpreted the concept of architecture and were inspired by the radical movements that were sweeping the world in the 1960s.

Kruso – Video Editor & Story Maker

If you’ve been considering downloading a video editor, Kruso may be a great option. It allows you to add stickers, emojis, music, and text to your videos. You can even make GIFs using the software.

Its features will make editing your videos much easier and more fun. It’s also very user-friendly. There are several free versions of Kruso available. You can find out more about them below.

First, download the Kruso – Video Editor & Story Maker app from the Google Play store. It’s free to download and doesn’t have any geographical restrictions. Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply open the app and you’re ready to start editing.

The app has several useful features. For example, you can insert music and text into recorded clips. It also comes with basic editing tools, including the ability to mirror videos and use multiple rotation effects.

It’s free to download, and you can use it on Android devices with 16-API support. It’s easy to use, and a video can be edited in minutes. You’ll also be able to share the finished video on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

The app lets you import many videos and adds stickers to them. You can combine videos using the app, create collages, add text, and apply color filters.

The app also allows you to record directly from the screen of your smartphone. And if you don’t have a computer, you can also record videos on your phone using the free version. The quality of your videos is superb, and you’ll have a professional-looking video with little effort.

VLLO – Mobile Video Editor

If you are looking for a mobile video editor, consider VLLO. It is available for Android and iPhone users. Using VLLO, you can add videos to projects and name them. While editing videos, you can tap on the Music icon to select a BGM or music from your device.

You can also choose music from your Spotify account and add it to your project. From there, you can edit the video. You can even add text and other effects to your video.

There are many features of VLLO that make editing videos a breeze. For example, VLLO allows you to preview your video in full screen mode and applies various filters to it. You can apply different filters to different segments and change their tone.

For example, you can change the music from the original tones or apply a new one to highlight certain video clips. And you don’t have to worry about watermarks, as VLLO has over 200 royalty-free music for your video.

Another feature of VLLO is its ability to export your video to different formats. The app features more than 20 transitions and 40 soundtracks that you can import from your phone. The app also allows you to add voice-over to your video.

It has an intuitive interface and allows you to edit videos without having to worry about technical knowledge or coding. If you’re a vlogger, this is the video editor for you. It’s free and has many features.

Picsart Photo & Video Editor Review

If you’ve never heard of Picsart Photo & Video Editor, then you’ve come to the right place. The company is based in Miami, Florida, and develops a range of online photo editing applications.

Picsart also has a social creative community. It’s easy to edit videos and pictures with the software’s layers, apply filters and share your finished work with others. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the software’s main features.

One of the most impressive features of Picsart is its ease of use. The toolbar is easy to understand, and it’s similar to other photo editing applications like Canva and BeFunky. However, the desktop version of the program isn’t available on every platform.

Picsart is available for both Mac and Windows, and it should work on Chrome OS too. The app is available for free and requires internet access.

With Picsart, you can create and edit pictures and videos to create a professional-looking collage. You can also choose from millions of photos to upload. The Picsart Gold version also offers access to Shutterstock, which is a collection of millions of images for both commercial and personal use.

Picsart offers a variety of effects and templates. It also has a filter tool and an effects tool that can create a photo that looks completely different.

Another great feature is the collage maker. It lets you create collages from multiple images, and includes a wide variety of borders, backgrounds, and layouts. You can also create your own stickers using the sticker maker.

You can also share your finished collages via iMessage. PicsArt also offers a collage maker with hundreds of free templates to use. It also has a professional drawing feature that lets you make collages quickly.

VN Video Editor Review

If you want to edit your videos quickly, the VN Video Editor is the right app for you. The interface is straightforward to use, and you can do many different things with this program. For instance, you can change the video format to any format that you want.

In addition, you can choose from a variety of presets, including Hero Time, Montage, and Jump Cut. The program also lets you repurpose your videos for other platforms. For example, you can easily convert your YouTube videos to TikTok videos.

In the timeline view, you can easily navigate to your clips. The timeline shows a thin grey line with breaks – each break represents an edit point between two clips. The time counter shows the current playhead position and the duration of all clips.

You can also move the playhead to another edit point with the help of 2 blunt arrows. Once you’ve set the start and end points, you can tap or click on the play button to access the editing tools.

In addition to letting you import your videos, VN Video Editor also features powerful editing features and a keyframe editor, so you can create more complex effects and transitions.

The software includes over 50 filters and 9 built-in transition modes and even supports green screen, keyframe animation, picture-in-effect, and multi-track editing. It is also free, so you can try it without worrying about watermarks. You can find the VN Video Editor for Android and iOS devices on Google Play and download it for free.

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